A New Dawn

Chapter 2
New Allies, New Enemies

opening crawl

Starmada Campaign
Chapter 2:
New Allies, New Enemies

It is now 2714. The Confederation has grown quickly, and added three new members:
the JESHOH, the MINKARA, and the KATHAL. Confederation survey ships are
ceaselessly adding new worlds to the Confederation’s control.

This growth has not come without cost. A new alien species, encountered at planet
XV-127, has proven to be a genocidal threat. The population of three worlds have
been annihilated to satiate their hunger, and the Confederation’s defense forces
have taken casualties in fighting this new menace.

And even as the Confederation moves against this new threat, another new species
is lurking in the shadows. Calling themselves THE MASTERS, they appear to be
associated in some way with the alien menace. This potential new threat may
prove to be deadlier than any encountered before…

Chapter 1
A New Dawn

opening crawl

Starmada Campaign
Chapter 1:
A New Dawn

It is the dawn of a new era. Three species, the Alterrans,
the Gorgons, and the Stullarians, have overcome their differences,
and banded together to create a new galactic Confederation.

Now, in the year 2712, the Confederation High Council has ordered
the combined fleets of the Confederation to explore surrounding space.
Crews are preparing to search out new life, and new civilizations — to
boldly go where no sentient being has gone before.

However, danger lurks in the vastness of deep space…

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