Name Gorgons
Home World Omega Prime
Type(s) pterodactyloid, humanoid


The Gorgons are a subterranean reptilian biped that descended about a million years ago from a winged ancestor. As their culture adapted tools for use, they soon lost the ability of flight but retain a racial memory of their winged heritage and thus have a predisposition toward flight. This led to their advancement into space but not before terrible civil wars brought the planet and race to its knees.


For the Gorgon a person’s station in life is built on deeds and promoting the race to further greatness. While politics and intrigue do exist they are balanced by a highly organized review or judicial structure whose purpose is preventing the weakening of the race.

Current Affairs

Under the scarred and ravaged surface of Omega Prime, are the hearty and fierce inhabitants that dwell near the planet’s core. The Legate presides over the proud Gorgon people. Few non-natives ever visit the capital Umbra, home to fabled “city of a trillion.” The Legate keeps order through the ruling senate and is responsible for maintaining a strict bureaucracy and enforcing discipline. Another duty is overseeing the Roman like military culture that brings the strongest and the brightest directly under his control. Since the subterranean species does not have direct contact with the sun this has led to difficulties with light. They often wear protective and elaborate headgear when visiting other worlds with bright sunlight.

Appearance / Personality

Gorgons are very alien in appearance, standing well over two and half meters tall but with a gaunt, almost skeletal body type and long tail used for balance. Their large eyes are located on the top of the heads and are usually a pale orange color. Their hands are surprising well developed with 3 fingers and thumb that have small but retractable claws. The fearsome appearance hides a fierce but honorable heart. Because Gorgon look very similar to each other, they go out of the way to wear battle jewelry or armor that is highly stylized and engraved with personal deeds and valor. When a Gorgon becomes dishonored he or she strips off all jewelry or armor and starts again with no engravings.

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